Creating your Rhodes app using BlackBerry signed keys

One great news before you go ahead, RIM has waved off $20 for signed keys, its free now you just need to verify yourself using your credit card for $1 which will be refunded in your statement 🙂

To create you application that can be run/tested on your BlackBerry device you have to follow
5 steps and you’re done.

  • Fill the BB signedkeys form.
  • Wait for .csi files – which u’ll receive in your mailbox in maximum 48 hrs (usually you get these files same day on next morning).
  • Run these files generate your password .
  • Sig files created.
  • Make required changes for Rhomobile.

IMP : Please memorize any PIN or Password/Key you enter, coz u may need it later on, its better if you stick to only one, as that will be easier to remember.
Step 1 : Fill the order form at its a simple form, one thing to remember is that u memorize your PIN, coz the .csi files you receive next day will require the same pin entered while you were dreaming and filling the form.

Step 2 : Next day or max in 48hrs you’ll receive three files in separate mails from BlackBerry websigner, simply download each and run them, enter the same PIN as mentioned in form above, and you can set a new password for your applications. The name of these files are ***RRT***.csi, ***RCR***.csi , ***RBB***.csi , in-case you miss to execute any file, u’ll receive error while building your app.

Following are the instructions you’ll receive in mail :
BlackBerry JDE or BlackBerry JDE Component Package Users:
1)   Double-click on the attachment.
2)   If a dialog box appears that states that a private key cannot be found, complete steps 3 through 6 before you continue. Otherwise, proceed to step 7.
3)   Click “Yes” to create a new key pair file.
4)   Type a password for your private key of at least 8 characters, and type it again to confirm.  This is your private key password, which protects your private key. Please remember this password as you will be prompted for it each time signing is attempted or a signature key is installed.
5)   Click “Ok”
6)   Move your mouse to generate date for a new private key.
7)   In the “Registration PIN” field, type the PIN number that you supplied on the signature key order form.
8)   In the Private Key password field, type the password created in step 4.
9)   Click “Register”.
10) Click “Exit”.
11) Repeat this process for the other .csi files.

Step 4 : After successful execution of .csi files, three new files will be created in your BlackBerry JDE folder ( to be specific they’ll be in this folder : C:\Program Files\Research In Motion\BlackBerry JDE 4.6.0\bin ). These are >> sigtool.db, sigtool.csk and sigtool.set.

Step 5 : This step is only for Rhomobile developers, as you remember the password entered  while running .csi files, mention the same in rhobuild.yml placed in Rhodes folder in Ruby gems.
A point to remember, if you are using Instant rhodes then your rhode gem will be present in your instant rhodes folder, as rhodes uses Ruby from InstantRhodes directory.

After you’re done with above steps, its time to buid cod files for your application these will be installed on your blackberry device.
Traverse to the rhodes application directory from command prompt and instead rake:run bb execute “rake device:bb:production“. On success your signed-build files will be calmly sleeping in rodhes application bin\target folder, copy all the files to your BB device and run .jad file from ota-web, and your app will be installed.

BlackBerry OS supported by Rhodes : 4.6, 4.7, 5.0, 6.0.

4.2 and 4.5 are supported but database access is very slow on these devices.


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