Rhomobile – Android error [‘.’ is not recognized error -running rake run:android]

I see lots of posts & mails on Rhomobile Groups related to following error for Android applications :

‘.’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Error building APK file

After upgrading your rhodes to latest version i.e. 3.0.1, the problem was solved for many (Alway remember, in every few weeks we gatta update rhodes/rhosync, as a new better/stable version gets released with all the reported bugs fixed – so keep urself updated and take a fresh download in few weeks :P) 

But still in sme cases due to versions of Windows, ruby and rake gem blah blah the problem persists, in that case you have to manually modify few file (its really easy :D)

Find the file named androidcommon.rb in your <RhodesHome>platform
\android\build directory and locate the following line: 
    Jake.run File.join(“.”, “apkbuilder” + $bat_ext), params 

Comment that line out and replace with 
     Jake.run(“apkbuilder” + $bat_ext, params) 

When done it should look like: 
    #Jake.run File.join(“.”, “apkbuilder” + $bat_ext), params
     Jake.run(“apkbuilder” + $bat_ext, params) 

thanks to  Brian Resler for sharing this solution 🙂
and daniel for sharing your problem 🙂 


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